Own Walter White's Face For Just $23,900

If you're still in the market for a great Halloween costume (and that Miley Cyrus-twerking-at-the-VMAs costume we told you all about just doesn't do it for you), here's a timely and awesome suggestion: Walter White! Though you could probably achieve the look fairly easily by just shaving your head and applying pounds of make-up to appear as Walt himself, those who are lazy and much more comfortable just throwing money at their problems have an option — this detailed Heisenberg mask, which you might recognize as the one that Bryan Cranston actually wore around Comic-Con this past summer. And it can be all yours for a low, low price of $23,900 on eBay (and counting). Sure, it looks a little creepy, but hey, it's Halloween.

According to the product description on eBay, this is actually the same mask that Bryan Cranston wore, and it's been signed by him too — likely a factor in driving the price up. You'll even smell like Heisenberg when you wear this out on Halloween!

It was designed by Landon Meier's Hyperflesh, who is the same guy that designed this creepy (thus extremely lifelike) Charlie Sheen mask. You can check out a full picture of the Bryan mask below, or head on over to the mask's eBay page to gawk. Or bid, if you've got more than $23,900 lying around.

[Image via eBay]