The World Reacts to Bieber's Bulge

We live in a photoshopped world, unfortunately. It's no secret that magazine covers, billboards, album covers, and Instagram photos, among many other pictures, are retouched making stars look "more beautiful" by getting rid of their cellulite, making them skinnier or bulkier, and giving them flawless skin. Apparently, we can now add the Biebster to the mix. Have you seen the supposed retouched Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photos? For those unaware, Bieber is the new model for some CK ads, and well, he ain't no Marky Mark, but that's besides the point. Reportedly, a blog called BreatheHeavy.com has revealed that an insider sent the site the original photos before Bieber was retouched with bigger muscles and a massive bulge.

It's hard to say for certain if the photos were actually photoshopped, and nothing has officially been confirmed, but would it surprise anyone? No. It's been done time and time again. However, if we actually look at Bieber's "original" photo, his head looks awfully big. It almost looks as if the supposed "real" photo is the fake one. Whatever the case, people are reacting left and right about the photos. Some Beliebers are supporting their main squeeze (duh), while others are bashing the singer.

To give you some insight to how the world is feeling about Bieber's CK photos, here are a few tweets, including the ones from Mark Wahlberg's wife, Rhea Durham in which she says her hubby's Calvin Klein photo will always be the best. Spoiler alert: all kinds of emotions are being felt and expressed ranging from angry to sarcastic to pure comedy gold. Overall, people seem to be quite honest in expressing their opinions about Bieber. I mean, who wouldn't when it comes to his bulge, right?

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Note: these photos were shared before "Bulge Gate," but I couldn't not include them.

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