Jennifer Lopez Would Make a Perfect Superhero

Jennifer Lopez is ready to get her cape and tights on for the big screen. Yes, that's right! Jennifer Lopez said she's ready to play a superhero in a movie during an interview with E! News. "That would be awesome," Lopez said, "I don't know why somebody hasn't thought about that yet."

The idea of Lopez being a superhero comes at an interesting time. Diversity in superhero films has recently been pushed to the forefront of discussion when it comes to the superhero icons who gets to wear the cape and tights (mostly straight white men). The Washington Post reported that the latest release of names of upcoming Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment films will bring more diversity in the next few years, after nearly 10 years of absence. Wonder Woman and The Black Panther will get feature films in 2017. Captain Marvel, who the Washington Post reports would be played by a woman, will get one in 2018. There have even been reports that Cyborg will have a movie in 2020.

Lopez playing a superhero would be a positive development for representation of superheroes, not only because she is a woman, but also because she is a woman of color. It would offer some necessary imagery as far as having a positive representation of all different types of people getting a chance to play these awesome role model — not just a white guy swooping in to save the day.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the Daily News reported, Lopez definitely has the right type of acting experience to play a superhero, especially since her past roles have included a U.S. marshal, as well as a woman defending herself against an abusive ex-lover. Also, considering that she is such a widely known personality in the celebrity world, it's not a stretch to imagine a lot of people wanting to go and see her in this type of movie. And as seen in the photo above, she should have no trouble finding an awesome superhero outfit.

All in all, this would be a great chance for the superhero film world to up their diversity and to send a message to all people — including women and people of color — that they, too, can serve as positive role models for their community. And hey, they might even save the day, too!

Later in Lopez's interview with E! News, she playfully called to the president of Warner Brothers, "Greg Silverman — I need to play a superhero!"

Let's hope that someone in the film industry will actually take that into consideration!

Image: Getty Images