7 Quick Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

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Everyone knows one of those girls who is able to eat anything she wants without gaining a pound. No matter how many cookies, pizzas, or french fries she digs into, she still looks like she spent the entire week at the gym. It can be hard not to be envious of her crazy-fast metabolism. How did she get so lucky?

Everyone is born with a “set point” that our body establishes as our ideal weight and metabolic rate. “We often see the set point being increased when we consume more calories than we need without also increasing our level of physical activity,” says Lauren Cornell, RD. “But the set point can just as easily be decreased by making gradual changes to your body composition and eating behaviors."

Although you may not necessarily be able to change your body's innate metabolic rate, you can make changes that require your body to metabolize nutrients more quickly. Though most of us still won’t be able to indulge in whatever we want without paying a price, there are small things you can do to help rev up your metabolism. With the help of Cornell, we’ve listed seven easy ways you can help boost your metabolism.

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