Things Boyfriends Do That Annoy Their Girlfriends

One of the neat things about relationships is the inevitable paradox of genuinely loving another person who simultaneously annoys the s#*! out of you. And thus, a BuzzFeed video is conceived: “Things Boyfriends Do That Secretly Annoy Their Girlfriends” is a fair enough assessment of heterosexual partnerships. But I’d also argue that half of this video captures not only the grievances of straight women (stop leaving the toilet seat up, for the love of god!), but habits that are annoying to just about anyone (do not leave your dishes in the sink for me to clean up!).

And look, before any of us rattles off a list of pet peeves like an overbearing parent, the bottom line is this: People can be maddening, particularly when you’re around that person constantly (roommates count too). But there’s a particular brand of infuriating that applies exclusively to couples, which sucks if you are one half of said couple. However if you are a viewer of a BuzzFeed video, you are likely in for hilarity. Because if bickering couples weren’t so damn hilarious they wouldn’t be the butt of every sitcom zinger, amirite? Watch the video below, and consider it free advice for improving your interpersonal relationships with literally everyone:

Image: Africa Studio/Fotolia