Tracy Flick's Sweater Vests in 'Election:' A Definitive Ranking of Megalomaniacal Teacher's Pet Fashion

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With her leather headbands, penny loafers, and plaid jumpers, Tracy Flick is a portrait of the ultimate shark-like overachiever. But if anything defines Flick's style, it's a sweater vest. Always layered over a perfectly-stacrched Oxford shirt, Tracy Flick's sweater vests in Election are like armored breast plates. In lieu of an eighties blazer with shoulder pads, a knit shell over a blouse is Flick's version of power dressing. In these shells, she may look like the caricature of a Catholic school girl, but she's calculating and exacting as any well-known politician. Even if she looks harmless, Flick isn't one to be toyed with.

Clad in this suit of armor, she makes it clear that neither morals, ethics, nor bitter teachers will impede her climb to greatness. Without further ado, I'm ranking all of Tracy Flick's sweater vest and oxford shirt combos in Election.

Image: Paramount

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