8 Faux Fur Hats to Keep Your Head Warm During the Crazy Deep Freeze

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Just in case you haven't been outside in the recent past, it's cold enough to freeze the blood of a penguin out there. We've officially entered the days of deep winter where walking to the subway feels like a naked trek through the snow-capped Colorado Rockies. In these conditions, it's hard not to envy just about every species of bear for all of that glorious bear fur they have to keep themselves toasty. Luckily, there are plenty of faux fur hats to keep your ears warm in this horrifically cold weather. In addition to being cruelty free and cozy, they're also pretty easy on the eyes.

So check out these eight faux fur hats that'll enable you to fight the deep freeze in style. And if you're one of those crazies walking around with a naked head in this weather, do yourself a favor and remedy that fact immediately.

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