Did the Golden Globe Awards Accidentally Reveal the Best Picture Winner Early? Don't Freak Out Just Yet

While everyone is undoubtedly excited to find out which lucky few nominees will be taking home Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, a new question has surfaced regarding the awards show — and it's probably not one that many have seen before. Apparently, due to a glitch on the Golden Globes website, on Friday it momentarily appeared as if two categories of 2015 Golden Globe winners had been revealed early: Selma was listed as the winner for Best Motion Picture, Drama and Into the Woods was listed as the winner for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. However, if you look at the website now, it just shows the winners from 2014, as it should. So, what happened?

Apparently, there's no need to freak out just yet: Sunday's award winners are likely still very secret. As a spokesperson for the tech company doing tests on the site, Bluefin, explained: "While testing the official website of the Golden Globe Awards for Sunday’s ceremony, Bluefin inadvertently took the test live. We randomly selected two film titles with no knowledge of the category winners. We are solely responsible for the error.”

Additionally, the firm Ernst & Young is the only one with access to the list of winners, and, as always, nothing will be handed over until Sunday's broadcast — so it seems this glitch is actually not an indication of the 2015 winners for that category. Bummer: Personally, I was hoping for some spoilers and a little scandal. Mystery solved!

Image: Getty Images