China's Forehead Nose, Peanut Butter Breast Cancer, And Artificial Sweeteners: Surprising Health News Of The Week

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We don't know about you, but when we think cancer-busting technologies, we don't tend to picture a jar of Skippy.

According to Harvard and Washington University, we've got it all wrong. Apparently, peanut butter might go a long way to improve young girls' chances of not developing breast cancer later in life. Researchers monitored more than 9,000 girls throughout their adolescence, and found that the ones who regularly munched on peanut butter and/or nuts slashed their long-term risk of breast cancer by more than a third. The study's authors added that there was some evidence that soybeans, lentils, and corn might also improve breast health — but they admitted they were far more sure about the peanut butter.

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