Is 'Sex and the City' Returning to HBO for 2 More Seasons? Not So Fast

To paraphrase Carrie Bradshaw: "I couldn't help but wonder..." when is Sex and the City going to end? Please, do not hate me for asking that question, but I had to because of this: According to E! Online, John Corbett, also known as Carrie Bradshaw's ex-boyfriend Aidan Shaw, doesn't just want another movie based on Sex and the CityJohn Corbett wants two more seasons of Sex and the City on HBO.

Say what?

"There's a lot of story left to tell with those women and if HBO got it together, I'd like to see the show come back for a couple of seasons like The Comeback," Corbett said. "I'd like to see them come back for, you know, eight or 10 episodes a year for a couple of more years."

No, John Corbett. This is not a good idea. At all.

Look, I love Sex and the City. I watched every episode a million times on both HBO and E!, and I've seen both movies numerous times. I've taken the "Which character are you?" quizzes. I've even been glued to my couch for so long that I have seen the same episodes repeat in a single sitting! So, believe me when I say I am a devoted fan — and that said, I think it's best keep this fandom to the cyclical enjoyment of content. I do not think we need more stories from these ladies, because, really, how many times can we say our goodbyes? I am all for getting closure at the end of any relationship, and I think that fans have already been granted that opportunity with the series finale of SATC, as well as the two movies that followed.

Of course, there's no indication that an SATC return to television is even close to happening apart from Corbett's words, but, since the discussion has been brought up, it's still worth saying: There comes a point when the show really must go on — not to mention, dragging out SATC's concept to the point where even fans are sick of it doesn't do anything to bolster the success and genius of the original series. We should just let this one be.