Bill Cosby's Stand-Up Show Interrupted By Protesters Following His Joking Remarks About Rape Allegations

Hopefully, Bill Cosby now got the memo that joking about the more than 20 rape allegations he's facing during a recent stand-up show was completely inappropriate and disgusting: According to reports, protesters interrupted Bill Cosby's recent stand-up performance on Friday night in Ontario, just one night after he made sickening jokes about the rape allegations. As The Hollywood Reporter reports, the 77-year-old comedian didn't get very far into his stand-up set before a group of protesters consisting of nearly 30 women began chanting, "We believe the women."

This time, instead of making an awful punchline out of the situation, Cosby stopped security from interrupting the protesters, who also blew whistles and wore T-shirts bearing the words, "we believe the women." Cosby then called for security to "let them have their say," while encouraging the audience members to calm down. Ultimately, the protesters were removed.

An audience member captured video of the entire incident, which was the largest protest to take place during Cosby's three Canadian stand-up shows. It's evident by the footage that the majority of the audience were there in full support of Cosby: They applauded when protesters were removed and at one point, someone yelled, "We believe the men," and "We love you Bill!" Cosby also received a standing ovation at the end of the set, similar to the unfortunate positive response he received from audience members attending the show during which he joked about the rape allegations.

Seeing as how three more women have recently come forward to accuse him of sexual assault, it's shouldn't come as a shock should the number of protesters who appear at Cosby's upcoming shows increase, as they seem to be have adopted the same attitude as his alleged victims by refusing to back down.