This Website Will Tell You Where Models Party

Imagine walking into your favorite Saturday club and spotting Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift sitting in a corner sipping martinis and shading the crowd. Or, imagine that you're enjoying a girls night on the town, dancing to covers by a local band when, suddenly, out walks Cara Delevingne for an impromptu drumming set during the performance. Well, imagine no more! All of those scenarios could certainly become your reality with a new website that let's you know where models are partying.

The website, cleverly named Where Models Party, filters Twitter and Instagram feeds of models in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami (sorry New Yorkers), to help you adjust your happy hour plans in hopes that you might run into anyone from a Victoria's Secret angel to a Playboy model. After a few minutes of watching the Instagram feed infinitely scroll, visitors to the site will spot Katelynn Bock accompanied by a flock of her model friends, Devon Windsor, Mathilde Frachon and Anouk van Kleef (but they are really in Dubai instead of Los Angeles like the website site lists). And strangely, Christina Milian appears in the feed, even though she is technically an entertainer and not a model; but what's a website without glitches?

While not many would turn down a chance to dance the night away with some of fashion's top models--especially when the website makes it as easy as showing up--the probability is a bit skewed. For one, the clubs, bars and restaurants that the website filters most likely have a solid sheet of A-listers that the bouncer or maître d are not willing to adjust. Secondly, some of the posts are a bit outdated (the one of Bock and her friends is from December), so it's in your best interest to check the timestamp before heading out. And, last and most importantly, it is a tad bit stalker-like don't you think?

Let optimism be your conscious for this one. But, if, by chance, you're successful in cutting a rug with Ms. Kloss, then be sure to let everyone know you heard it here first.

Images: Getty Images (1); katelynnebock/Instagram