Is Jessa Duggar Pregnant?

The latest 19 Kids and Counting conspiracy is that Jessa Duggar might be pregnant; but she's hiding it. According to observant fans, the most-recently married Duggar hasn't posted a photo of her waist since her wedding. Recently all her Instagram snaps have been of her face only, which got fans started on this Jessa Duggar is pregnant conspiracy.

After all, it's no secret that the Seewalds want to populate the earth just like Jessa's parents did. She revealed to People that she and Ben "both want to have a big family." It's not unreasonable that she could be pregnant so soon after her November 1 wedding day. Her sister Jill Dillard is having a honeymoon baby, too. But would Jessa really hide such big news?

I'm as much of a fan of conspiracy theories as the next person, but just because she chooses to take pictures from the waist up doesn't mean she's pregnant. But that's not even where this conspiracy ends. In addition to never taking pics of her stomach, fans claim when her belly is in the shot she hides it under pillows. You can see that in these pictures posted on the Duggar family's Facebook page for Christmas. (I circled them in red for your convenience.)

And here are some of the headshots she's been posting lately on Instagram.

RadarOnline even said her video about the Chick-fil-A spicy deluxe was actually a nod to her pregnancy cravings.

But even with all this "evidence" stacking up, I maintain that Jessa isn't pregnant yet. Let's remember that in the Duggar family, babies are basically the most important thing next to God. If Jessa was pregnant she'd cry it from the rooftops and TLC would probably dedicate an entire episode just to her picking out baby clothes, or something. She and her family would be thrilled about the news; they wouldn't hide it. All of the clues can easily be explained away.

Pillows are comfy and I often wrap my arms around them when I'm sitting too. I'm not hiding my stomach, I just like being cozy. As far as her Instagram pictures go, the social media site doesn't really allow for a lot of extra space in pictures. You can basically only fit from your waist up when you're trying to take a selfie. And that Chick-fil-A video? Sadly, it's likely just a sponsored ad for the company who is known for their pro-Christian, anti-gay beliefs.

No matter what social media might say, Jessa Duggar is probably not pregnant. Trust me, when she is, we'll all know.

Images: TLC; Duggar Family Offical (3)/Facebook