Is Beyoncé Pregnant?!

by Caitlyn Callegari

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They were wrong. A picture is worth a thousand WTFs, especially when it comes to particular photos surrounding the ever so illusive yet wonderful Queen Bey. If you're sitting here totally puzzled, wondering what on Earth I could be referring to, you may want to go check your Instagram. But, I won't be that cruel and make you search through the photo fodder, filtering through 50 different pictures of bacon, egg, and cheeses. Here's the scoop: A Carter family bomb may have just been dropped in the form of a possible Beyoncé pregnancy announcement. Now, you can join the rest of the Mrs. Carter worshiping world in wonderment. You're welcome.

The picture is captionless, obvs, because Beyonc é has been around the block and knows how to churn a rumor mill, that evil diva genius. But what is important to note, aside from her enviable beach style, is that the singer is buried in sand, with a pregnant-like sand belly. Or, what at least looks to be a pregnant-like sand belly. But the interpretation is really up to whoever the sculptor was, and it was plausible it was 3 year old Blue Ivy who looks to be sat right in front of her mother in the picture. And three year olds don't exactly have the best eye for realistic art. Or do they?