9 Food Trends for 2015 That We Did Not See Coming, So Let's Hope You're Feeling Adventurous This Year

This is a brand new year, and apparently humans need brand new food trends to satisfy their super hip appetites. I mean, where would we really be right now without kale? That powerhouse green basically ran the world in the early twenty-teens. But kale is equally as exhausted as acai, and it's looking for a successor to take over in nutrition, cold-pressed juiciness, and versatility. Here's a roundup of all the latest food trends that have been buzzing around the Interweb thus far. Some are crazy cool, and some are just plain crazy. But regardless of whether or not you're into them, we're calling it now — these trends are here to stay.

The Return of Butter

According to Chef Christopher Koetke (who recently talked to Entrepreneur about food trends), butter is making a strong comeback this year. We’re starting to understand the differences between certain fats, and that not all fats are bad, and people are seeking high quality butter to use in recipes. Butter tastings are also becoming a thing, so there’s that.

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There's a New Oil in Town

Several, in fact. In the search for good fats, Chef Koetke says that people are starting to use more oils made from vegetables, nuts, and seeds, including avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, and mustard oil, and that these might just dominate meals (and beauty lists) this year.

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The Rise of Cauliflower

Stacy Baas, brand strategist and trends watcher at Earthbound Farm, told USA Today that cauliflower is the next kale, and we should expect to see it used as the main ingredient in everything from mac and cheese recipes to pizza crusts. Mind = blown.

Ramen Gets Fancy

Anyone who has ever had to live on a shoestring budget understands the incredible value of a ramen entree, but who knew this 10-cent wonder would make its way to trendy restaurant menus? With rad ingredients and sauces mixed in, we can give ramen the proper cred it deserves, and stop treating it like something we only eat in private shame.

Hello, New Super Fruit

According to The Fit Foodie, Mareya Ibrahim, the new pomegranate/acai and goji berry is an African fruit called baobab, which is packed with fiber and calcium.

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Waffle Sandwiches Everywhere

I’m guessing we can all thank Leslie Knope for this one.

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The Introduction of Veggie-Based Yogurt

OK, this sounds beyond bananas, but according to Baum + Whiteman, sweet yogurts are dead and yogurts made with beets, tomatoes, and butternut squash are going to start popping up.

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Bugs in Protein Bars

On a list of buzzwords customers will see on restaurant menus this year, Baum + Whiteman include “insects in protein bars.” So you best get your Survivor-stomach ready, because this source of protein is going to be hard to swallow.

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Shaved Ice, That's Nice

THIS is the hot new dessert? Once you suck out all the sugar water, it’s just a ball of ice. Am I right? I mean, where art thou, froyo?

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