What Will Her 'Simpsons' Character Be Like?

Though Girls is premiering on Sunday January 11th, Hannah Horvath isn't the character on Lena Dunham's mind. No, it's Candace, a character on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons who will be voiced by Dunham. On the Sunday of the Golden Globes and Girls premiere, Dunham posted to Instagram that she was sending Candace in her stead, describing her as the character she was "born to play."

In an episode called "Every Man's Dream," Dunham plays Candace, a 20-something whom Homer dates during a marriage counselor-advised trial separation from Marge. This isn't the only recent Girls and Simpsons collaboration. Judd Apatow, who executive produces Girls, wrote a Simpsons script when he was a 20-something himself and the show had only just started. Well, they've decided to release the episode, which will also air on January 11th. Dunham will appear later in the pilot for the animated comedy's 27th season.

What will Candace be like? Simpsons producer Al Jean told EW that the character was written for Dunham, with her voice in mind. The character seems to resemble Dunham herself more than Hannah Horvath. Says Jean:

She’s not playing herself or Hannah from Girls. But it’s that funny, intellectual, slightly awkward, endearing tone that everybody’s familiar with, so we were just writing it with her voice in our heads.”

Jean also mentioned that there might be a little of Dunham's trademark nudity on the episode, hinting that some of Candace's tattoos will be made visible. Will they be the same as Dunham's? I wonder. Candace doesn't exactly look like Dunham. Though there are similarities, it's not as though they tried to make Dunham in Simpsons form.

Just try and imagine Dunham's voice coming out of that character. I can totally picture it, and I'm excited for the episode, which is slotted to air this fall.