9 Times 'Girls' Made Us Look at Ourselves

If you've watched the last three seasons of HBO's Girls, you know that though you can love the quirky characters, does not mean that you want to be those quirky characters. Especially because, despite our affection for them, they do awful things like give themselves uneven pixie cuts and have the audacity to rap Kanye without any sort of rhythm. But, obviously, that's why we all find the show so funny. They do some over the top, crazy, horrific, hilarious, embarrassing things that we'd never dream of doing, like eating unrefrigerated cake alone on a Coney Island beach, but then they do some things that we have most certainly done, however much we may not want to admit it. It's in those instances that we stare at the screen and realize... uh oh.

Hey, we're not perfect. And as Hannah Horvath herself would probably tell you, us millennials are navigating a world that no one really seemed to prepare us for. But, then again, no one is ever really prepared for the real world, are they? And, maybe we’re all just a little more inside of our own heads than past generations have been. Here are certain moments that you may have too closely related to Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, or Shoshanna and realized that it probably wasn't such a good thing.

When You Identified with Jessa's Gripes Over a Scheduled Work Week

Unlike during undergrad, when a flake of snow would fall to the floor and you decided that it was in your best interest to take a "you" day. Because you deserved it.

When You Found Yourself Nodding Your Head to Marnie's Explanation Until You Realized Wait, That's an Awful Way to Gauge a Relationship

The person you like should be able to handle seeing you eat a slice of pizza because you're a human, not a doll, and you have taste buds and an appetite.

When This Rang True, You Masochist

Which means it's time to do some soul searching and reflection.

When You Jotted Down This Self-Involved Mantra

Because, as we've been told, there is a difference between confidence and cockyness. Not everything is a competition, despite your insecurities.

Or When You Felt Ashamed and Yet Relieved That Hannah Felt the Same As You

...And that it wasn't really going too well for her. It's OK to be scared, but you shouldn't let that fear stop you from progressing in life.

When You Grabbed a Kleenex During this Scene and Strummed a Tiny Violin

Being an adult is an absolute adjustment, but it's also a necessary one. We all have to clean up glass by ourselves, because we should eventually be able to trust ourselves and our abilities.

When You Hid Your Head in Shame for Having This Exact Fight

There is definitely something to be said about being able to maintain lifelong friends. But, that doesn't mean that you should keep friendships because of their length. And it doesn't make you selfish to part ways from people who you've outgrown.

When the Children Around You Were More Intellectual Than You Could Dream to Be

It isn't so bad to enjoy the simplicity of a string cheese every once in awhile. It is bad when you and the child you're babysitting have switched rolls, though.

When You Realized You Were Putting Way Too Much Thought into Social Media Tactics

Not everything you think is about you, is actually about you. Granted, some things may be. But definitely not all. Loosen up.

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