It's Never Too Late To Start 'Bach' Finale Talk

The Bachelor may have just begun, but it's never too late to start thinking about the end. That's the point, right? Chris Soules finding his #Soulesmate, who he will presumably spend the rest of his life with? Or, you know, if it goes the way of Andi Dorfman's relationship with Josh Murray, at least the next six months. Obviously, it's absolutely necessary to clear your schedule way in advance so you don't miss the final rose ceremony — in addition to the hours of After The Final Rose fanfare that will keep you up half the night — so we might as well get planning now. The bad news: ABC hasn't released a date for The Bachelor finale yet. Understandable, since we're only in week two, but still. But maybe throw us a bone, ABC!

However, it's pretty easy to make an educated guess based on last year's season. Juan Pablo Galavis (ick) awarded poor Nikki Ferrell with her winning rose on March 10, 2014 after the show premiered in January, so it would make sense to assume that Chris's finale will happen that same week (or close to it) this year. Actually, to be safe, just black out every Monday in March. That's reasonable, right?

But just because a date hasn't been released doesn't mean we don't have plenty of info about the finale already. If you really hate spoilers, either cover your eyes and keep scrolling. I'm not about to give away anything too revealing, but you never know.

According to your friend and mine, Reality Steve, the Fantasy Suite dates takes happen in Bali — this is obviously a gorgeous location, and a pretty typical destination when you think about past Fantasy Suite dates. After all, how could a bachelor be expected to find a life partner without a beautiful international beach serving as the backdrop?

However, the actual final rose ceremony isn't happening there. Supposedly, Chris and his top gals head to Iowa, which is very fitting since The Bachelor is really trying to drum it into these women's heads that they are moving to Iowa and buying overalls should they get a flashy Neil Lane diamond in the finale episode. It will be there, in a barn, where hearts are broken and romance will be made.

No, I'm serious. In a barn. This isn't a joke. This is a thing that is actually happening. But I'm going to reserve judgment until the finale airs, because I'm not going to lie and pretend I haven't considered getting married in a Pinterest-esque barn until recently. Plus, we have awhile to go. Monday is only Episode 2, y'all. Strap in!

Images: ABC (screengrab); Giphy