Amal's White Gloves Classed Up the Golden Globes

by Alexa Tucker

As if we didn't already know that Amal Clooney is the definition of classic Hollywood glamour, she's proving it again tonight on the red carpet of the 72nd Annual Golden Globes alongside silver fox husband George Clooney. Yes, her one-shouldered black gown was stunning, but what's really turning heads is her white gloves. Calling it now — Amal Clooney is an icon in the making.

Her stunning dress is Dior Haute Couture, and the gloves? "Oh, they're just my own," she told Ryan Seacrest. What kind of woman just happens to have white elbow-length gloves in her closet? The best kind. Or, maybe she didn't have them — George quipped, "She sewed them this morning." Um, talk about super woman. Kicking butt and taking names as a lawyer, snagging the world's most famous bachelor, and making her own gloves? Note to self: acquire white gloves ASAP to channel my inner Amal. No idea where I'd wear them, but if she approves, I'm in.

Her berry lips, flowing dark hair and white clutch completed the classic look, but it was the gloves that really made a statement. As Giuliana Rancic raved, "A woman with white gloves on the red carpet is after my own heart." Amen, G.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image: Getty Images