Brad Goreski's Signature Style & Fashion Experience Make Him the Perfect 'Fashion Police' Host

Brad Goreski just got a huge promotion: the stylist went from behind the scenes to back in front of the camera. Brad is joining the Fashion Police , alongside fellow former Bravolebrity Kathy Griffin. Brad's always had style, and he's always worked in style as well, which makes him uniquely suited to critiquing celebrities' choice of clothing. While Kathy can bring the shade with her well-crafted jokes, Brad will be able to give background tidbits — for example, why some stars can't seem to get their pants hemmed or find sample shoes that fit. Are they just on the bottom of the stylist totem pole? Or did they offend the fine folks at Prada, Gucci, and Chanel, leaving them with nothing to choose from? Who knows if not a former celebrity stylist?

And Brad's always been well-dressed. But his look has gone through some small changes over the years, and he's not immune to the occasional total disaster. That's good, because in my opinion, anyone who always leaves the house looking perfect just can't be a real person.

Image: Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment

On 'The Rachel Zoe Project'

Back in the day when Brad and Rachel were super tight, Brad’s signature messy hair looked a little more sloppy than tousled and he hadn’t quite figured out the right sized bow tie yet.

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His Classic Red Carpet Look

Brad loves several things:

1. Bow ties

2. Bright colors

3. Tuxes

And he should, because he looks fantastic in them all. It’s been his go-to formal look since he first got his break on The Rachel Zoe Project. Recently, he’s started to make slight variations, like the houndstooth print and double breasted cut of this suit.

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His Unexpected Red Carpet Look

Brad’s about as close as a human can get to a Tom Ford model, so it’s no surprise that he can pull off the formal turtleneck. Pairing it with a well-tailored suit doesn’t hurt, and it’s a small departure from his usual white shirt and bow tie.

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Peak Bow Tie

As Brad started to become famous, he also started to hone his style. While this bow tie is also a loud statement piece, it works perfectly with the rest of the look, and it’s all rendered in neutral colors, so the subtle pattern on the jacket isn’t overwhelming.

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Casual Done Wrong

Where to begin… the leather jacket just looks cheap; the glasses, his trademark, for some reason look two sizes too big; the shirt is doing nothing for the look; and, of course, the overalls. Pretty much a disaster.

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Casual Done Right

At this casual Kate Spade event, we got to see what Brad looks like without a bow tie: just as dashing, but maybe a dash less dapper. He went for the full “off duty” look. He’s still got the glasses, but his hair isn’t full of product, he hasn’t shaved, and — gasp — you can see his arms. While I’m not sure about the Goya-esque splotch melting down his Tshirt, I’m pretty sure it works.

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On 'The Comeback'

On the HBO series, Goreski did two appearances, both times playing himself. In the first, he lampooned his own reality TV career by playing a version of himself chasing ratings from China.

In the second, he brought Valerie Cherish a gown for the Emmys, and was rewarded for that kindness by slipping and falling into a pile of human excrement. Always a good sport, the fictional Brad helped Val deliver on her big day by carrying her to the car dressed only in a spare pair of athletic shorts. Definitely one of his most memorable recent looks.

Image: HBO