Emma Stone and Lorde Wore Pants to the 2015 Golden Globes — So Here Are 15 Iconic Moments of Women Wearing Suits on the Red Carpet

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For decades, women wearing pants on the red carpet proved utterly taboo... a fashion decision — or rather, mistake — that guaranteed a slot on the worst dressed list. Most women attending awards shows or other glamorous occasions, therefore, seemed to strictly adhere to the notion that dresses were the only acceptable silhouette for the females. As if instead of limousines, they rode side-saddle to each appearance. With all of these events, there certainly comes an idea of fairytale inevitably accompanied by images of designer dresses that sparkle and flow — to live out such a dream if one gets the chance can hardly be something deserving of critique. But sometimes, it gets a little boring.

Enter the pantsuit and its mischievous friend, the jumpsuit. Together, these two ensembles provide a much-needed respite from the monotony of gown after gown. Sure, Diane Keaton has been stunting in her suits for years, but a notable uptick in the amount of pantsuits and jumpsuits spotted on red carpets hadn’t really occurred until the past five years or so. Suddenly, everyone from Emma Watson to Solange to (most recently) Emma Stone and Lorde, have sported the trend, proving that long gowns and sequins aren’t necessarily the only possible prerequisites to a captivating carpet look.

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