If Jade Loses 'The Bach' She'll Be A-OK

Having grown up most of her life in rural Nebraska, Bachelor contestant Jade Roper has a really good chance of making it till the end, but I am not sure she’s willing to give up everything she has going for her in Los Angeles to become a housewife on Prince Farming’s Iowa farm — and hey, who could blame the girl. America’s newest Bachelor, Chris Soules, has made himself clear: he wants a homemaker and a family, so whoever wins will have to make that their priority. That being said, it’s the reason Chris can’t choose her to be the winner, even though they looked super adorable together when they were recently photographed filming at a basketball game together. Ugh.

By now, most Bachelor fans probably know about Jade’s past in the Playboy world, but if that's what she wants to do, more power to her! And from what she's written on her website, Jade sees her Playboy work as an expression of beauty: “Playboy is the iconic essence of female beauty. I’ve always wanted to be a part of it.” You know what I say to that? Good on you, girl. Plus, even if you disagree with Jade, I am not sure why anyone really cares about that small detail. After reading through her Twitter, I am pretty sure this girl is a total catch. She sits around and has wine night with her friends; she watches Game of Thrones, The Hobbit and marathons American Horror Story; oh, and she spends her free time thinking about pizza — which is what most perfect people think about on a daily basis.

Besides the fact that they would literally make the most beautiful couple in the world, Jade and Chris have a lot in common. Jade grew up on a farm in Nebraska. That lifestyle is completely natural for her and it would be easy for her to fit in with his family in Iowa and the small town feel of Arlington. That gives Jade a big one-up on the rest of the ladies, because so many of them come from big cities.

But there's a catch: she left her Nebraska life behind for the big city and people who leave the country for city life tend to want to keep that city life — especially if they’re successful. Jade recently launched a cosmetics brand called Naturally Jade and, according to her Twitter, as of Dec. 19 she got her first shipment of products in. Basically, she’s making her dreams come true in Los Angeles and to leave a start-up business would not only cost her time and money, but her dreams as well. She could work online, but any hopes of opening a store will be lost if she wins, gets married, and moves to Iowa.

Hear me out here: Chris cannot pick Jade in the end. She is the Amal Alamuddin of Bachelor contestants. She is too effing amazing to stop her career to become a homemaker. I won't allow it. The end.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC