'Vanderpump' Is Trying to Trick Us

Jax Taylor's past has never been something fans of Vanderpump Rules have glossed over, and with even more mystery being introduced with Monday's episode, when Jax's gets a surprise visitor from his past... at least that's how the show is selling it. While it has been kept quite the mystery as to who this guy is that is visiting Jax on Vanderpump Rules , we know a few things. We know that Jax has a friend in Miami, we might know that his name is John, and we definitely know the cast is going to make a big deal about this guy's arrival onto the scene.

Let me preface this by saying I snooped so hard to find out the deal with this John character — if that's his real name, it could always be a pseudonym — but alas there was nothing to be found out about him online. Not very easy trying to solve a mystery with a name like John on the Internet. In the preview for the episode, some of the cast kind of sort of suggests that Jax and Mystery John have had a more torrid past outside of just being friends. I don't know if we should get ahead of ourselves, but here's what could be the deal with Jax's friend, Mystery John.

He Could Be an Ex-lover

We'll get this one out of the way, because it is definitely what Bravo wants us to think going into the episode. I'm not so sure I buy it, since I feel like we've seen enough of Jax to believe he's only into women, but you never know. Miami could be reveal some new information.

He Could Just Be a Friend

An old modeling friend, perhaps? Or maybe someone from growing up — nothing is out of bounds when it comes to who Mystery John may be in relation to Jax. Maybe they're old drinking buddies, or maybe they went to sleep-away camp in fourth grade together, Fallon and TImberlake style.

He's Just a Really Big Fan

Maybe Mystery John has no relation to Jax and Tom Sandoval and Bravo are trying to make it look like there is something going on, when in reality, Mystery John just goes up and asks for an autograph. Is it basic and not as exciting as being an ex-lover of Jax's? Hell yes, but I've been burned by misleading Vanderpump Rules promos before, and I'm not going to let it happen again.

Images: Brice Sander/Tumblr (3)