This is the Scariest Designer Collection Ever

Halloween is coming early this year, thanks to one particularly shocking menswear collection. Designer Katie Eary's Fall 2015 runway is anatomically-inspired — a mashup of Tim Burton, KAWS, and Jeff Koons, yielding a collection that may well remind you of the content you view on The Knick each week. Swirling skull caps in glaring red evoked the look of the human brain, bulky, ribcage-printed sweaters paired with slim suit trousers, and a yarn interpretation of the pulmonary system embellished an otherwise basic sweater. Women's Wear Daily boasts photographic evidence of Eary's entire Fall collection, from skull caps to tooth-patterned tops.

One glance at Eary's Instagram yields concrete evidence that traditionalism isn't in the designer's wheelhouse, but exactly what the collection means remains to be seen. Eary favors edgy, avant-garde artworks like that of "Balloon Dog" creator Jeff Koons and the cartoonish pieces of KAWS, but the designer's decision to emblazon her line with innards is apparently all her own. Skeletons, teeth, eyes, and other similarly-themed items litter the designer's Instagram account, along with snaps from Eary's frequent trips to avant-garde art galleries.

Perhaps Eary is attempting to make a statement about maintaining a holistic perspective of one's being instead of simply the exterior, or she simply finds the human anatomy fascinating, but this is one potential trend which I wouldn't want to encounter on the streets of New York at midnight. And of course, sporting any innards on a first date is highly inadvisable.

Image: katieeary/Instagram