13 Pieces of Plus Size Officewear You'll Actually Want to Have in Your Closet — And Maybe Put On Every Day

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I'm not sure if this was just me, but one of the reasons I didn't want to grow up to be fat was that all of the plus-size clothes I saw adults wearing just weren't stylish. My adolescent thinking on adult plus-size fashion was a hearty "no thank you." I think that this is mostly due to the fact that the majority of my run-ins with grown-ups were in professional settings and the drab, ill-fitting basics available to fuller-figured women 15-20 years ago were abysmal. I've always said that there is a special place in hell for the people who designed the prints for plus-size women of the 90s. Luckily, variety and style are much more accessible to the plus-sized women of today. So there is no reason to traumatize the youths!We spend so much of our waking hours at work that it makes sense to want to feel stylish whilst there. Getting dressed should be fun, rather than just another boring necessity. So the workwear I've rounded up isn't just practical. It's fashionable, too.

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