The 14 Dumbest Things Presidents Ever Said (And Instantly Regretted)

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The title of President of the United States carries with it a considerable amount of prestige and gravitas, but it's easy to forget that our country's leaders are still human. Every U.S. president has said dumb things, some more than others — because when you're in the public eye as often as they are, you're bound to be caught saying something regrettable. And if you're George W. Bush, then you probably wish the camera and recorder were never invented.But old Dubya is not alone in making dumb statements. Everyone from President Warren G. Harding to Bill Clinton has made doltish remarks, revealed TMI in unnecessary admissions, or struggled to form sentences that made sense. Even President Obama, who's known for his sweeping, articulate speeches has come off like an airhead once in a while. But who can blame them? Being the president of the United States is a tiring job, I would imagine. They're allowed to drivel once in a while. It provides endless entertainment, after all, long after their terms are over.

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