How to Steal Pizza from Under Your Friends' Noses

Have you ever looked at the pizza you’re about to slice for your friends and thought, “Gee, I wish there was a way for me to steal a few extra slices away from this pie without anyone knowing!”? If your answer is “yes,” good news: This pizza hack from YouTuber DaveHax shows you how to steal pizza right out from under your friends’ noses. It’s clever — I’ll give it that. But know this, too: If you’re willing to lie to your friends in order to have a bigger piece of the pie than anyone else, you’re probably a terrible friend. Just, y’know… FYI.

I suppose Elie Ayrouth at Foodbeast has a point when he writes, “While I like to think of myself as a selfless person, sometimes I just can't deal with the social anxiety associated with communal pizza sharing. I just need to know I'll have enough pizza. What if there was a way to guarantee yourself ample slices before bringing out the pie to your guests?” This method does make certain that you’ll have enough pizza for yourself (even if your unwitting guests wind up with the leftovers) — although trying to figure out how to eat the extra pizza without your guests knowing how devious you are is up to you. You could always wait until they all leave, but doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of having a pizza party in the first place?

In any event, it’s worth noting that the technique seen here will only work with homemade or frozen pizzas; the trick requires the pie to be unsliced when you begin, putting most delivery pizzas out of the running. Here’s how to do it in six pictures; scroll down to watch the whole video.

1. Cut a Horizontal Strip Out of the Center

Then place it aside, you sneaky pizza thief, you.

2. Push the Two Halves Together…

3. …And Rotate the Pizza 90 Degrees.

With me so far?

4. Then Cut a Second Horizontal Slice Out of the Center

5. Push the Four Remaining Pieces Together…

6. …And Slice as Usual

Now go and serve your abnormally tiny pizza slices to your hungry friends. I hope you feel bad, especially if everyone pitched in to buy the pizza in the first place. Sharing is caring, remember?

Watch the full video below, and head on over to DaveHax's YouTube channel for more (admittedly super cool) life hacks.

Images: DaveHax/YouTube (6)