Nicki Minaj Makes a Stand For Tits On 'Ellen'

On Ellen, Nicki Minaj's boobs made an appearance that few of us, Ellen especially, are likely to forget. However, more importantly, she stated that she hates bras, saying, "bras are the devil" and for once, she aligned herself with the rest of the female population.

But, classic Nicki Minaj, she stated a fact of nature while also differentiating herself from every other bra-wearing female ever in history. Because who else would make statements like that while wearing an item of clothing actually designed to make boobs sag and look like sad fat pancakes? Only Nicki. Additionally, who would wear said item of clothing to a show like Ellen and then act surprised when they come up in conversation? Only Nicki.

It's a fair point that Nicki Minaj can afford to hate bras because her boobs are pretty much silicon-suctioned in place. But still. You have to admire a woman who is willing to let her underboob swing free like that; I nearly had a heart attack just watching her interview. Even though one of Nicki Minaj's plastic breasts escaping from her top would've been a magical moment in television, let's go back to the fact that Nicki actually made a normal statement about boobs and bras while wearing the jacket-that-deserves-a-t-shirt-most-in-the-universe. When I make statements about bras being the devil, I am almost positively in one of the situations listed below:

1) My boyfriend is forcing me to go get milk/bread when I have already settled into my onesie.

2) I've simply already settled into my onesie.

3) It's hot out. Underboob sweat is not for the fainthearted.

4) It's the morning and I have just spent hours in repose letting the ladies hang loose. I WILL NOT BE CONTAINED.

You get the drift. So Nicki Minaj will continue to rule the world of female rap, and she'll occasionally make semi-normal statements like this one, but don't forget for one second that she isn't really like us. Not in that top, anyway.