Topless Protestors Crashed Nina Ricci's Show

by Candace Bryan

Thursday at the Nina Ricci Spring 2014 runway show, a couple of Femen activists did what they tend to do. Two topless women, painted with mildly nonsensical phrases and sporting ripped black jeans and Converse sneakers, stormed the runway in order to protest... something?

It's actually difficult to say what they were demonstrating against, though one can assume it was the patriarchy; one woman's chest read "Fashion Dictaterror", while the other's read "Model Don't Go To Brothel." Unlike the Ukranian group's protest at Versace last year, there was no visible statement against anorexia.

It's an interesting choice to protest the sexualization of the fashion industry at a Nina Ricci show, of all places. When one thinks of the French fashion house, the words "pretty," "ethereal," and "feminine" probably come to mind long before "sex" and "oppression." And although I'm all about protesting patriarchy, and the many flaws within the fashion industry, I very much doubt the effectiveness of having two thin, conventionally attractive blonde women run around semi-nude with tight jeans and flowers in their hair. Especially at Fashion Week, where exposed breasts are hardly a novelty.

The two women, it's worth noting, also had matching blush and lovely shades of pink lipstick. I guess they suspected they were going to have their pictures taken.

Dominique Charriau/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images