9 Things People Who Love Cold Weather Understand

by Chrissa Hardy

Cold weather is where it's at. People love summer, with all the refreshing beverages and the exposed dewy skin, but for people who love the cold, there is not a more disappointing time of year. We find the cold weather to be kind of relaxing, because a blanket or a hot beverage can immediately remedy any feelings of discomfort. And to be stretched out on an overstuffed chair with a blanket, a book, and a steamy cup of sweetness is, in fact, true happiness.

For some reason, cold weather lovers seem to be a rare bunch. Why exactly are we all supposed to adore the summer? Because Baywatch was a sexy show 20 years ago and heat just automatically equals beachy hotness? From my experience, warm weather equates to the least sexy things a human body can do, create, or become, and there are so many everyday activities that go from perfectly fine to extreme suckage when you add a high temp into the mix. Fall and winter are when we are our best selves, when we look our best, and when life in general is more jam-packed with joy. Here are all the things only people who love cold weather understand.

1. There's nothing less sexy than boob, back, and butt sweat

Armpit sweat isn't particularly attractive either, but it's much more common. Boob sweat looks like leakage even when you aren't breastfeeding, back sweat looks like someone accidentally spilled their drink on you without you noticing, and butt sweat looks like you knowingly sat in a puddle. It's just... not a good scene.

2. Sweater weather is the most magical time of the year

Call me basic, but when the sleeves fully extend, layers get added, and hot lattes are all seasonally spiced up? It could be late September when this weather shift occurs, but it still feels like Christmas.

3. Humidity ruins everything

Hair, makeup, everyday activities, etc. — humidity is out to sabotage you. It takes a hot day and makes it feel like every step you take is through a sticky air swamp. Gross times infinity.

4. To be cozy, outside temperatures need to be cold

There's nothing cozy about summer time, because you can't really curl up under a blanket with a hot mug of tea unless you're completely insane (or you're blasting the AC). But cozy needs the cold. It just does.

5. There is no such thing as "too cold to cuddle"

But there is such a thing as "too hot to cuddle." For the love of love, can't we all admit that our relationships thrive during the chilly months?

6. Sleeping in the cold is the most restful sleep of all

The best environment for snoozing is you bundled up under a thick comforter with the cool air seeping in, perfectly balancing out the temp in the room. Your REM cycles will be on-point, your dreams will be deep, and you will always awaken feeling bright and alert.

7. Scarves deserve their time to shine

You CAN wear a light scarf in the summer, but it can quickly become a too-heavy accessory on a triple-digit day. Fall and winter is really when scarves get to show off just how adorbs and fab they are.

8. You can always add layers

But there are only so many layers you can remove before you get charged with indecent exposure.

9. Being hot is basically hell

I'm not even a religious person, like not at all, but it just makes sense that evil people are punished to spend eternity living in a constant state of perspiration.

Image: Frozen/Walt Disney; Monica/Tumblr; Giphy (8)