"White Genocide" Billboard Appears in Alabama

White supremacist group the White Genocide Project has a new billboard near Birmingham, Alabama with "Diversity means chasing down the last white person" splashed across it, along with the hashtag "#white genocide". (Poor buddies clearly don't understand how hashtags work.) The billboard is similar to one that was erected near Leeds, Alabama in 2013 which read, "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white." The latter was declared "racist" by Leeds Mayor David Miller. Both billboards espouse slogans that are exceedingly used by the White Genocide Project, indicating that the billboards are almost certainly posted with less than positive intentions.

The White Genocide Project is run by white supremacists and boasts an aggressive team of separatist online activists. Their aim is to "expose white genocide", because CLEARLY that's a HUGE issue in contemporary society (*eye roll* forever). Their website encourages sympathizers to use both billboard slogans as often as possible. The website also makes a comment on the most recent billboard:

"If White people were superior we wouldn’t be facing genocide, would we? The media love to call us “supremacist” because it conjures up images of street gangs with swastikas tattooed on their foreheads selling drugs.

The bottom line is: they’re only saying that because we’re White."

Looks like white supremacists haven't figured out the whole "self-awareness" game any better than they have the social media game. The White Genocide Project follows the "Mantra", written by segregationist Robert Whitaker, which advocates against interracial marriages, and promotes fear of assimilating multiple races in one giant melting pot (as though that can be avoided somehow). If you ask me, calling them "white supremacists" is far too elegant. "Dirty racists" will do just fine.

Image: Lane Harbin/Twitter