Benedict Cumberbatch is Into Wearing Makeup

While watching the Golden Globes from my parent's couch this past weekend, I tried to explain the intense, adoring community of Benedict Cumberbatch fans to my mom. "No, mom, you don't get it—people are obsessed." And people really, really are. That's hard to deny. But, honestly, it's not that hard to believe either. Cumberbatch is charming, talented and handsome. Add a dedicated group of super fans (they call themselves Cumberbabes or Cumberbitches, though he doesn't approve of the latter) and many, many Tumblr fan pages and you have yourself an indescribable level of star power. Oh! And guess what! The man wears makeup, too. Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch wore makeup at the Golden Globes (specifically concealer) to hide fatigue. It's exhausting being a Tumblr sex symbol and all.

Seriously speaking, though, Cumberbatch had literally just flown in from the UK an hour before the award show and was probably incredibly tired from all the travel. The actor, nominated at the Golden Globes for his role in The Imitation Game, said he was thankful that the makeup was available and that it was a great thing for women and men. But now that Cumberbatch has admitted to experimenting with concealer (by the way, he's right — guys should totally be able to benefit from makeup too), it begs a question. What makeup should Cumberbatch try out next?

1. Highlighter

I'm not really sure why I chose this as number one, but I feel like if Cumberbatch were to try out some highlighter, there could be a really weird, yet strangely attractive Edward Cullen thing that happens. You know, the sparkling thing? Right. Think Edward Cullen meets Mr. Darcy. Or something. Just an idea.

2. Guyliner

A punk rock Benedict Cumberbatch could be kind of interesting. Like a very polite member of Green Day. It could work.

3. Baby Lips

Obviously lip balm is for everyone at this point, but something about Cumberbatch applying something called "Baby Lips" just makes me laugh.

4. Fake Lashes

Take a second to imagine Cumberbatch with extremely long, incredibly fake eyelashes. Honestly not sure if that image is more appealing or terrifying to me (leaning toward the latter), but it's an interesting thought. Can't deny that.

5. Rainbow-Colored Anything

If we're being honest here, mainly I just wanted an opportunity to include this GIF.

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