Honest Version of 'Gone Girl' Is Even Creepier

There's a lot to be said about David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. There's a lot that has been said about Gone Girl — debates have raged, analyses of marriage have been written, Golden Globe nominations doled out. But there's still been a voice I've been waiting for, and it's finally arrived: The Gone Girl honest trailer is here.

Gone Girl's a pretty intense, pretty dishy movie, so it was guaranteed that the fine people over at Screen Junkies would have plenty of material to mine once they finally got around to making that honest trailer. And lo, did they. This trailer touches on most of the important aspects of Gone Girl, from the fact that it's totally a prestige version of a Lifetime original movie, to the utter shock of that ending (and, yes, Ben Affleck's penis), to how weird it felt to actually want to see more of Tyler Perry. They also sneak in a Serial reference and one for How I Met Your Mother.

This movie was definitely a trip. As Screen Junkies put it:

See the film critics are still debating as being pro- or anti-feminist, even though its message boils down to 'don't have sex with crazy people.'

Word. Sociopaths, man! They don't make the best sexual partners.

Image: 20th Century Fox