Watson is Heading to 'Fargo'

The television gods have shined down upon us in many ways this year: with the return of fall TV, symbiosis seems to have returned to our small screens and hearts. Which means: time for little joy nuggets such as the announcement that Martin Freeman, the Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes will star in FX's Fargo adaptation. Why? Because our friend the Television really, really wants us to just be happy already.

Indeed, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the news as truth, and yes, Freeman will be playing Lester Nygaard, the role originally made famous by William H. Macy. And fans of the brothers Coen (Joel and Ethan) need not worry as the duo has already signed-off on the TV-based reboot and are even set to executive produce.

Filing itself under the "limited series" umbrella that we all love so much, the 10-episode series will follow Nygaard and a whole new slate of characters well-versed in that wholly-Coen, totally dark and midwesternly evil universe so expertly crafted in the original 1996 film.

And fear not, there will be a new case on the horizon! And since Billy Bob Thorton is set to play Lorne Malvo, it seems only to further confirm our delightfully strange expectations of what a Fargo/Coen Brothers TV show would look like. Which is to say totally bizarre and probably wonderful. Now we just have to wait for the over/under on whether or not we can get Cumberbatch involved because I'm sure his Minnesota accent would be flawless, eh?