Rashida Jones Is Even Cooler Than You Think

If there's any celebrity that all of us girls would want to be BFFs with, it's probably Rashida Jones. You might know her from The Office or Parks and Recreation, but no matter where you've seen her, odds are one of your first thoughts was, "Wait, why am I not friends with her yet?" It's OK, we're all asking ourselves that question. Because, simply put, the woman is awesome. Talented, gorgeous, and flat-out hilarious, Jones is a triple threat of the best type, and we all love to love her. So Allure's video of Rashida Jones getting ready for a party was just as flawless an idea as they come.

Clearly Allure knew that the behind-the-scenes footage of Jones getting ready would not only give all of us a look into her sense of style (and humor), but also the chance to imagine what it's like to have personal hair and makeup artists and Brad Goreski casually helping you get ready before a dinner. Because what girl doesn't want that, am I right?

The video is pretty sweet, as it documents Jones' hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories choices throughout the getting-ready process. But, let's be honest, the best part is that the whole thing features Jones being hilarious and relatable and goofy. Celebrities: They're just like us. But funnier. And friends with Brad Goreski.

Wondering how Jones was styled for the evening (Hint: the look includes a tiny, half down, half up bun)? See the full video below.

Yep, time to bring the half topknot back.