It's Leslie vs. Ron on 'Parks and Rec,' Which Is the Worst Thing That Could Have Happened

I never thought I'd see this day come, but here we are: Pawnee's own Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson ARE NOT friends anymore! When Parks and Recreation Season 7 began, I was expecting big things, but not big enough that I would want to cry myself to sleep. I have five questions for whatever twisted person wrote this into the script: Who hurt you? What were you thinking? When did they stop being friends? Why do you hate me? And HOW DARE YOU! Leslie and Ron were supposed to be be indestructible. And now, my dreams are crushed.

After the time jump (it is now 2017 on Parks and Recreation, which feels cool and Jetsons-y, just without the hover cars), everyone is doing a-OK in their new lives. Leslie is fighting to win land from the Newport family to build a national park, Tom is a mogul/baller/entrepreneur in every sense of the words, April and Andy are going strong — but worried about being boring, so they buy a terrifying house —, and Larry/Jerry/Gary is now Terry. Then there is Ron. Ron is now working in the private sector of building.

We realize that Ron and Leslie are fighting pretty quickly when it is discovered Ben isn't even allowed to say Ron's name to Leslie. Ron is working with Grizzle, the company that Blake from Workaholics runs, to win the land over from the Newports.

Leslie and Ron kept referencing something that happened in 2015 called "Morning Star." We know whatever it was that happened, it wasn't pretty. The only Morning Star I know is MorningStar vegetarian burgers, so I can't believe that's what Leslie and Ron are talking about, since Ron wouldn't come within 10 miles of a veggie burger.

While I'm pumped that Parks and Recreation is back, I am not pumped that one of the most important fictional relationships in my life is now a thing of the past.

Images: Ben Cohen/NBC; Giphy