Miley Cyrus & Patrick Schwarzenegger's Siblings Are Dating Too, Which Is Either Really Great News Or Really Terrible News

Ah, siblings. As any older sibling can tell you, every younger sibling goes through a period in their life when all they want to do is emulate the older one. As any younger sibling can tell you, this phase doesn't last as long as the older one thinks. However, it's pretty rare that the script gets flipped and it's the older siblings that start emulating the younger ones — which is the case for Patrick Schwarzenegger. According to TMZ, Cyrus and Schwarzenegger's siblings are allegedly dating, which is no big deal, you know, except for the fact that Cyrus and Schwarzenegger were already dating when it happened. I mean, Cyrus has met the Terminator and everything, so it's pretty serious. The fact that her younger brother is now dating Schwarzenegger's older sister is pretty awkward.

Yes, that's right. Braison Cyrus, 20 years old, is reportedly dating Christina Schwarzenegger, 23 years old, and their hook up began an alleged month after Miley and Patrick started dating. Is it true? Is it false? Who even knows with celebrities these days? All we really have for evidence is a TMZ report and pictures posted to Braison's Instagram of himself and Christina acting like either close friends or total lovers. (That line is blurred so often in the media when applied to Hollywood. All I know is that if the two are dating, then they're adorable.)

But, like I said, dating the sibling of your sibling's boyfriend can get really awkward really fast. I mean, it's unsurprising that Braison and Miley might be attracted to two members of the same family — especially such a good looking family — but I feel as though it's just a sibling rivalry waiting to happen. There's a potential for a lot of good here, sure, but there's also the potential for a whole lot of bad. So, regardless of whether this rumor is true or not, let's examine the pros and cons of Miley and Patrick's siblings dating. After all, who knows when we ourselves will end up in this position and need to use Miley's life as a learning tool for what to do?

PRO: Double Dates Will Be Crazy Fun


A common side effect of getting a boyfriend is being really, really bad at managing your time. Friends and siblings tend to fall by the wayside when young love is fresh, something that must be even worse considering how busy Miley is otherwise. However, Christina dating Braison means that Miley can spend time with her brother and her boyfriend at the same time thanks to the magic of the double date. How fun is that?

CON: Double Dates Will Be G-Rated

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I'm not saying that double dates should be hot and heavy anyway considering no one wants to watch you and your boyfriend make out, but Miley might be self-conscious about packing on the PDA with her little brother right there. I know she Can't Be Tamed and waggles her tongue on stage on the best of days, but there's a difference between that and getting handsy with Patrick while Braison clenches his eyes shut and wishes he was anywhere but here.

PRO: They Could Have a Double Wedding


Yeah, yeah, yeah, a wedding is one of those hallmark events in a person's life, but you know what would make that special day even more special? Sharing it with your sibling. Plus, then your parents only have to pay for one wedding and you can celebrate your wedding anniversary on the same day — doubly so if your husbands forget it entirely, leaving you to pop champagne with your sibling and wonder why you married into this stupid family.

CON: Because If Not, Who Gets Married First?


A double wedding is your only option if you and your sibling are dating members of the same family. I mean, do you really want to be the one who married their brother-in-law? Do you?

PRO: Advice Is Super Easy to Give


If Braison ever needs advice on a romantic issue that crops up between himself and Christina, then he can just go straight to Miley. After all, she knows a thing or two about dating Schwarzeneggers and can pinpoint what quirks are unique to Christina and what quirks are a family thing. Boom, instant conflict resolution.

CON: Your Fights Are Their Fights

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When Miley and Patrick fight, Christina and Braison will be forced to take sides or not talk about it at all. When Christina and Braison fight, Miley and Patrick will be forced to take sides or not talk about it at all. And if one of the couples breaks up messily, how is the other couple supposed to handle that? Awwwwkward.

RESULTS: Yeah, Maybe Just Don't Do It

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Seriously, I hope for Miley and Patrick's sake that this rumor is just a rumor.

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