Lady Gaga Is Just As Free Without Her Hair

Lady Gaga sings "I'll die livin' just as free as my hair / I'm as free as my hair / I am my hair" in her heartfelt Born This Way ballad "Hair." And to a large extent, that's true. Gaga's hair defines her, since she has a vast array of wigs and weaves at her disposal which allow her to go from long and black to big and blonde in a matter of hours. Lady Gaga struck a yoga pose in leopard undies and a supportive black bra, stripping down and showing off her amazingly in shape body, which she is clearly comfortable with. She also ditched her weave, which is likely a relief, since hairpieces can be heavy, tight, and restrictive, not to mention painful on the scalp, and she emits a totally, totally zen vibe.

Mother Monster even mentions the fact that her weave has been banished in the caption. You can see the black hairpiece tossed aside, spread out on the floor beside the mat and resembling a cat or some super furry creature. Gaga's real hair is piled atop her head in a bun, a look she relies on often, actually.

I sorta feel sorry for her abandoned weave. It's on the outside looking in... at least for this yoga session. So maybe Gaga really isn't her hair — at least not all the time.

Gaga's sweating out the whiskey and keeping in shape. A pop star's work is never done.

Here are 7 other times Gaga parted ways with her weave, even if only temporarily.

1. Wigged Out

She held her wigs in her hands, which was more statement-making (and stunning) than anything.

2. Real Hair, Don't Care

At least she allows her real follicles to breathe and gives 'em a break when she sleeps.

3. Yes, She Has Real Hair

It's shocking, yes, but Gaga actually has real hair, you guys. Like the rest of us, her real strands need to be cut and kept healthy and in shape so that they can support the wigs and weaves.

4. Getting Ready For the Weave

She doesn't wake up like this!

5. Anyone Else Sense the Topknot Pattern?

Gaga has a pattern when she's weave-less and it's the topknot, since that 'do is so effortless, which is a change from her time-consuming, elaborate wigs and pieces. The septum piercing prevents her from looking boring, though!

6. Bedhead

Her strands must like bedtime because she gives them a literal rest from all the tools, ties, and more.

7. Slicked Back

Slicked back is another Gaga weave-free trait.

Ma Monster goes weave-less more than you thought, right? A girl can't always be on, even when she is a famous pop star whose image is everything. And while you'll never see Gaga in sweats, she can and does let her locks relax every now and again because her styling routine is murder on her follicles.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (8)