Who is Vanessa Carlton's Husband?

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton is now a proud mother to a baby girl, as her husband John McCauley announced happily to the world via Instagram on Jan. 13. Carlton confirmed the baby news on her Twitter page, thanking her fans for their well wishes to her family during the happy time. Her first child with McCauley will certainly be someone she would walk "A Thousand Miles" for. But in the midst of the happy baby news, some fans might be curious about another special someone in her life — who is John McCauley besides Carlton's husband.

McCauley, along with now being a proud father, is also a singer-songwriter, but he is not a soloist like his wife, whom he wed in December 2013. Instead, the born-and-raised Rhode Islander is part of the rock band Deer Tick. Deer Tick has widely been described as having an "alt-country" sound that helps keep the blues and folk music relevant in modern times when the genres seem to be fading away.

While McCauley might not be as much of a household name as Carlton, he has achieved a decent amount of fame from his work with Deer Tick, especially since he has been the band's frontman and ringleader from the get-go, and has been consistently creative in evolving the band's sound from album to album. And of course, with Carlton, he's well known for being part of a twosome that rocks — and baby makes three.

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As seen in the above picture, McCauley definitely knows how to rock onstage. He predicted his own future by writing "Rock Star" for his yearbook superlative all the way back in middle school, he said in an interview with The Boston Globe.

The band, which he first formed as a guitar-and-drum duo in 2004, is now a team of four, which finally began to break through on a national level in 2009, when Rolling Stone picked them as the No. 1 band to watch from the South by Southwest Music Festival. Pretty impressive for a man who hails from the north!

But as McCauley told A.V. Club in an interview back in 2009, you don't have to be from the south to have country influences in your music. And he's not afraid to say it!

Rhode Island is just as American as country music, so anyone who wants to give us a problem about it can stick it up their ass. It's just music we like.

So, McCauley is just as outspoken offstage as he is onstage. Fair enough! But he wanted everyone to know that he put the guitar down for a special moment in his life with his new bundle of joy.

Aww! Congratulations to the happy couple.

Images: Getty Images (2); johnjmccauley/Instagram