Well This Is a Bride's Worst Nightmare

I've never been married, but I've watched enough Say Yes to the Dress to understand that wedding dress shopping can be stressful. When you find The Dress it's got to be a pretty magical feeling, but that can't compare to the disappointment of having what you thought was The Dress turn out to be a total dud. Unfortunately, a lot of angry brides know exactly what that second experience is like. According to the Daily Mail, those discount knock off wedding dress sites aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Inexpensive wedding dress purveyors are becoming quite the trend online, but it seems if you use their services, you just might get exactly what you paid for. Mail writes,

A quick google search for 'cheap wedding dresses' brings up endless websites offering economical alternatives - some with their original designs and others promising to create copies of designer gowns. But given the flurry of disappointed brides sharing their wedding dress nightmares, it seems that buying a dress online can be fraught with issues. Many of the websites offer cheap copies of designer gowns, made in the Far East - but instead of using lace from Chantilly, what arrives is polyester from China.

I get the appeal of not dropping $8,000 on a one-time-use-only Monique Lhuillier from Kleinfelds (I repeat — everything I know about weddings I learned on TLC), but ordering such an important dress from a sketchy online retailer sounds like a recipe for disaster. Just ask the disgruntled brides on Knock Off Nighmares, a Facebook page dedicated to exposing the shoddy craftsmanship of these dresses.

Check out some of the worst offenders:

They would've been better off gluing Ruffles potato chips to the skirt.

Crappy ribbon from Michael's is a poor substitute for intricate beading.


At least they tried?

Perhaps it's best to shell out a bit more money on the dress of your dreams rather than allowing the fate of your wedding photos to rest in the hands of a stranger behind a computer screen.

Images: Knock Off Nightmares/Facebook