Maroon 5's "Sugar" Video Has Them Crashing Weddings & Brides and Grooms' Reactions Are Priceless

When Maroon 5 crashed weddings for their "Sugar" video, the expected reactions happened. There was sheer joy, crying, screaming, and a lot of excited "oh my God!" yelps from brides, grooms, and their friends and family. It was a lot different than what happens in Wedding Crashers, but then again, when Adam Levine shows up in a tux onstage at your reception, how can you not be happy? All of the crashing happened on Dec. 6, when Levine and his band drove around LA to drop in on random weddings. At first, it looked like things could get hostile when people started setting up equipment behind a sheet at the weddings in question, but as soon as the couples found out who was behind the curtain, emotions changed quickly. Honestly, some brides cried harder than they probably did at the actual ceremony, and the grooms were equally into it. If Levine wasn't married himself, I would have probably been nervous that he was there to steal my girl, but luckily for all the recently-married men in the video, that was not the case.

After you watch all of the action unfold in the "Sugar" video, keep reading to see some of the best instant reactions, which rival Taylor Swift's surprised faces. Does this count as their official wedding song now?

Images: Maroon 5/YouTube (4)