WalMart Stocks Risque Halloween Costumers For Toddlers

When I was little, I remember deciding that a French maid costume would be the height of elegance for Halloween. My mother was only able to convince me I needed to pick something else by pointing out that it did not come in my size.

Well, WalMart is solving that problem.

They haven’t stocked any sexy French maid outfits for toddlers (yet) but they do have a “Naughty Leopard,” and a “Devil Diva,” both of which sound way too adult for the toddlers they are intended for. Though the costumes provide ample coverage, they do feature corset detailing, sheer sleeves and flouncy skirts reminiscent of a burlesque show. Then there’s the fact that the “Naughty Leopard” costume actually makes the child look nothing like a leopard, and the “Cat Toddler” costume just pairs a corset-style dress with a pair of feline ears. Wal-Mart is following the Mean Girls theory of Halloween costumes: look sexy and throw on some ears.

But seriously, come on, guys. Little girls have years and years ahead of them filled with people expecting sexy on Halloween. Can't your little girl just dress as a modest Dora The Explorer this year?

Image: LanaK via Fotolia