Who Is Stella Hudgens? Vanessa Hudgens' Sister Is Making A Name For Herself

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 27: Actresses Vanessa Hudgens (R) and Stella Hudgens attend the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards brought to you by Mr. Pink held at The Wiltern on July 27, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)
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Having a famous older sibling has to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it's probably so cool — as long as your sibling isn't embarrassing or ill-behaved. Celebrities get free things all the time and I bet many of them are passed down. Also, you get a little a bit of second-hand fame. For instance, Vanessa Hudgens' 19-year-old sister Stella Hudgens has 290,000 Twitter followers. Would she have those if she was Stella Smith or Stella Jones? That is highly unlikely. Like it or not, being the younger sister of Vanessa Hudgens raises Stella's profile and opens doors.

But on the other hand, Stella is her own person. I imagine that it has to be tough living in her older sister's shadow. On top of that, she's is a total mini-me for her older sister — a perfect doppelgänger in my opinion. She has to be so tired of people constantly referencing her sister and even being referred to as "Vanessa Hudgens' little sister." And no matter how much she loves Vanessa, I wouldn't blame Stella if she wanted her own turn in the spotlight. 

So let's try to move past Vanessa's Disney stardom and get to know a little more about her younger sister. Who is Stella Hudgens? What is she like? And does she have show business aspirations herself? 

She Acts


Stella is best known for her role as Amanda in the movie The Memory Thief. She has guest starred on a couple TV series as well. She has a role in the upcoming show Mr. Hollywood which is described on IMDb as "A dark comedy about a smart mouthed agent who represents professional hitmen." That sounds like an intriguing series to me.

She Models


The younger Hudgens joined some other famous celebrity siblings to star in the new spring campaign for Mudd. Miley Cyrus' sister Noah and Cody Simpson's sister Alli were also a part of the campaign. It looks like the next generation of young celebrities is on the rise.

She Loves To Eat


if you follow Stella on Instagram, you know that she is always posting photos of the most delicious food. It's nice to see that she's not caught up in some gluten-free Hollywood lifestyle. Take advantage of that metabolism while you can, girl.

She Has Famous Friends

Stella already knows a thing or two about celebrity life, and it's more than just tips from her older sister. She is friendly with plenty of stars from the young Hollywood set including Willow Smith, Bella Thorne, and Kyle Massey. It looks like she already has a pretty solid entourage going.

With her upcoming TV series, it looks like 2015 could be the year for Stella Hudgens to step into her own spotlight. It will be interesting to see what this year has in store for the famous younger sibling.

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