Watch Justin Bieber Get 'Whiplash'ed By J.K. Simmons In This 'Funny Or Die' Mashup — VIDEO

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself one very important question: what if Justin Bieber had starred in Whiplash instead of Miles Teller? It's a question for the ages. It's also one with an undeniable market. A lot of people in this mixed-up world of ours would like to see Bieber get yelled at. So, why not hand the job over to recent Golden Globe winner J.K. Simmons?

Funny Or Die has taken on the task of mashing up Justin Bieber's recent (and heavily contested) Calvin Klein ads with the critically acclaimed movie in which Simmons abuses a young musician (Teller) in the name of musical education. It's framed as a "for your consideration" video and was made by Michael Burke and Dan Bernstein.

This time around there's no Teller to be seen, only Bieber at a drum set as Simmons doles out the abuse on him. It's a testament to the weird place Bieber holds in our culture; he's still able to get major ad deals like Calvin Klein, but is also seen as the sort of elf prince/IRL Joffrey* whom it's cathartic to see lectured a little bit. It's a very short video, and it doesn't show us the worst of Simmons' character's treatment of his student — but that's probably for the best.

And in case you doubted that there's an audience for seeing Bieber get lightly lectured, as The Wrap points out, this video "debuted Jan. 9 on Funny or Die and has amassed more than 20,000 views with little promotion."

Related thought: Wouldn't it be a trip if Justin Bieber went into jazz?

*Though probably with less murder.

Image: Funny Or Die/Calvin Klein