Matt LeBlanc Swore at the Royals, Which Is Sooo Not How Joey Tribbiani Would React

Did you hear about the one where a huge Friends star cursed at the royal family? That's not a joke, it's for real. Apparently, Matt LeBlanc swore at the royal family. During an appearance on Conan, the Episodes actor revealed he once met Prince William and Harry and all they wanted to know was when the Friends reunion was happening. Don't we all?! His response? Well, it wasn't what I expected, nor do I think the princes expected it either. Leblanc told Conan O'Brien he told them to "f--k off!"

Say what? Now, did he really say that? Was LeBlanc joking? It's hard to tell, but he did reveal that both princes "were really cool." After listening to his story, it got me thinking. How would Joey Tribbiani react if he ever met the royal family? Would he swear at them? Would he cry with delight? Would he run away? There's no doubt Joey would be filled with all kinds of emotions.

Let's think back to all those times he met beautiful women. Yeah, he couldn't control himself, and I don't think he would be able to control himself in front of Prince William and Harry. Gosh, what if Kate Middleton was there too? William would have to keep his eye on Joe, that's for sure. Oh, and how about that time he actually went to London? He loved it, until he got homesick.

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With that said, here are a few ways Joey might react, which may or may not include a moo point.

He'd Try to See If They Were His Identical Hand Twins

He'd Tell Them Not to Ever Eat His Food

He'd Act Shocked & Surprised, All At Once

He'd Dance With Glee

He'd Probably Do That "Weird Eye Contact Thing"

He'd Hit on Them

He'd Show Them How Much He Loves London

Yes, He'd Explain a "Moo Point"

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