What Channel Are The Oscar Nominations On? It's 2015, So You Can Catch Them on TV AND Online

This year, the Oscars are doing something they've never done before: Televising the announcement of the nominees in all 24 categories. In years past, they used to just announce the big ones, but in 2015, they're going for something different. On Thursday morning, Into The Woods star Chris Pine — alongside directors J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron, as well as Academy president Cheryl Boone — will be on hand to formally announce all of the nominees for this year's show. Let's start at the beginning, though, with what channel the 2015 Oscar nominations will be on. This year, you'll be able to catch the announcements in two separate ways: TV and online.

If you want to watch the old fashioned way, tune in to ABC at 8:30 a.m. ET, when Cuaron and Abrams will announce the first 11 categories. Exactly eight minutes later, Pine and Boone will announce the remaining categories. Why eight minutes? I have no idea, and that number sounds super arbitrary to me, but certainly there's a reason for it that we're just not privy to.

In case you'll be without a TV, you can live stream the announcement here. If you want to sleep through the first announcement, no big — part two features all the really exciting categories, like Best Picture and Best Actor and Actress, while the first half is a lot of technical categories.

Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

If watching it all go down isn't your thing, there will also be a complete list published right here on Bustle. Personally, I'm just thankful this isn't as long and drawn out as the Grammy nominations this year, because those took forever and literally lasted the entire day. This way is much better!

And, of course, since the nominations are basically a giant, less boring press conference, you'll probably have a hard time escaping them anywhere you turn on the Internet for the rest of the day. Oh, award season. How I've missed you!