12 Heartbreakingly Perfect New Ways You Need To Be Eating Nutella in 2015

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Nutella tends to evoke strong emotions. People who love Ferrero’s hugely popular chocolate hazelnut spread really, really love it, and people who hate it... Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone hating it because that would be certifiably insane. Last August, the announcement that Nutella might be facing a global hazelnut shortage sent ripples of anguish throughout the chocolate-hazelnut-loving community, just as the prospect of a Nutella restaurant opening in Brooklyn had fans jumping for joy. What’s next on this emotional roller coaster?

My favorite way of eating Nutella might be described as the “Classical Approach”—that is, eating it directly off of a spoon. But we all crave a bit of variety sometimes—even when it comes to a product that is, by its very nature, perfect—and there are a surprising number of ways that the heavenly chocolate spread can be incorporated into recipes. Keep reading for 12 creative, intriguing, and delicious ideas for what to do with your next jar.

Image: puckillustrations/Fotolia

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