'Boy Meets World' Cast Reunites & Dubs Themselves 'The Feeny Crew' — PHOTO

Call up Vanessa Carlton and tell her she was wrong, because this is absolutely not just an ordinary day. I mean, how can it be when a certain Mr. Feeny is involved? Were your '90s nostalgia senses tingling? Because if not, you should go in for a tune up. The core of the Boy Meets World cast just reunited and somewhat ironically, they did it in the least '90s way possible. Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and William Daniels put their up-to-date technology to use and took a selfie together and posted it on Instagram. Yes, it was as adorable as you think and, also yes, everyone went bananas. I mean, didn't you?

The sweet picture was captioned, "The Feeny Crew" and rabid, emotionally invested fans were so completely enthralled with it, that they got the very same phrase trending on Twitter. I guess if there's one thing we can all agree on in this tumultuous world, it's that we really love elderly gentleman mentors with biting sarcasm. So, in honor of Feeny being just as cool (if not more) than he was back in the '90s during Boy Meets World's prime, here are some of the best, emotionally charged tweets regarding "The Feeny Crew":

Some People Were Awestruck

Others Were Overwhelmed By the Display of Cuteness

This Guy Was Reminded of His Lingering, Unrequited Love

This Person Needed to Sort Out Her Feelings Physically

This Guy is Riding the Nostalgia Train

This Person Has the Right Idea

No Explanations Needed

This Girl Experienced Inexplicable Joy

And This Person Was Just a Little Too Happy...

And Finally, This Guy Was in Total Disbelief of the Entire Thing