Michael Keaton to Play McDonald's Founder

Do we really need a movie about McDonald's? Unless the film is determined to unearth new ground concerning the health concerns and work environment of the goliath corporation, this tale is better left for the slaughterhouse. But lucky for us, this is exactly the angle The Founder , starring Michael Keaton, seems to be taking.

Fresh off his Golden Globe win, Keaton will take on the starring role in a film surrounding the true story of McDonald's fast food joint. The picture will be directed by John Lee Hancock and is written by Robert Siegel, chronically the meeting of Ray Kroc, a salesman, and Mac and Dick McDonald. The salesman was in awe over the McDonald brothers' efficient system of making food and saw franchise potential. He yanked the company away from the brothers and created the billion-dollar empire that we know today.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the tone of the script has been compared to a mix between The Social Network and There Will Be Blood. Needless to say, this won't be a Disney-fied version of the truth. And if the 2004 documentary Super Size Me was any indication, there may be more disturbing and unethical things to learn about the company behind the Big Mac.