'Shark Tank's Bello Verde Is Already Successful, So Go Ahead & Get that Custom Suit

Central Ohio entrepreneur Joey Chay will appear on Shark Tank this Friday to pitch Bello Verde, a custom menswear tailoring business. There's no denying that a man who gets his clothing personally tailored is probably either of the upper echelon, or just as old-fashioned as your grandpa. Nevertheless, let's get real for a moment. Some men need a little help getting dressed.

For men anxious about dressing themselves, bespoke is the way to go. I mean, how many times have you seen guys wearing ill-fitting clothing, simply because they didn't know any better? Although it isn't fair or even sensible, culturally, women are prepped from the start to pay attention to how clothes suit their body, while men aren't conditioned to place very much importance on their clothing. Tailored clothing can give men the chance to find out what they like and what flatters them on their own. Bello Verde can fashionably empower men by including them in the process.

When Chay, COO of Astor & Black, another tailored clothing service, left the then-thriving company, he took some of their famous clientele with him, according IMF Mag. Chay played a pivotal role in developing Astor & Black, founded in 2003, which IMF reports sold in 2012 for $42 million. Realizing he had a unique opportunity — a rolodex of famous athletes and loyal customers — Chay capitalized on the moment. He founded Bello Verde, a custom clothier service that promises high quality clothes at lower than average prices. Bello Verde is doing so well that the company acquired Astor & Black from bankruptcy in January 2014.

Now that we've gotten all those logistics out of the way, here are a few things you should know about Bello Verde.

1. They Will Come To Your Home or Office

Shopping can be overwhelming. Fluorescent lights, big crowds, and too many options. Bello Verde will come to your home or office to determine the perfect fit. The clothiers use a "30 Point Fit Profile," including measurements, photos, and fitting notes. When the ensemble is complete, it is delivered again for a second fitting. Who doesn't love a perfectionist?

In order to receive Bello Verde's service, you must schedule an appointment on their website, which should connect you to their nearest representative.

2. You Get To Choose The Fabrics

Bello Verde boasts a wide range of fabrics and embellishments. Whether your style is neutral or bold, there's something for your taste.

3. Chay Sounds Like He Provides Great Customer Service

Chay told IMF Mag about the importance of good client relationships, "I’m not the kind of guy to meet you once, and sell you the world and never talk to you again. My motto is for people to try me out on one garment and let the product speak for itself."

4. There's a Wide Range of Price Points

The prices range from $650 to $18,000. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but the low end of that spectrum is actually a much better deal than many competitors that sell the same quality clothing.

5. It's A Worthy Investment.

Nothing will ever fit as well as something custom made to your taste, style and measurements. Great clothing is the kind of thing that will give you a skip in your step. Let's just hope that the Sharks feel as passionately about Bello Verde as Chay does.

Image: Bello Verde/Instagram